KIP-10: Mobile wallet

Author Zhang Feng(@ChainsGuard)
Status Draft
Type Standard Track
Category Application
Created 2020-6-29

1. Introduction

Beijing ChainsGuard Network Technology Co., Ltd. focus on blockchain security, including but not limited to Exchanges, wallets, chain’s nodes and mining pools security services, aiming to provide comprehensive security capabilities for the blockchain ecosystem. We have assisted EOS, Ethereum and other well-known public chain’s team to discover and fix vulnerabilities.

The core members of the company have more than 10 years of experience in information security technology and commercial security solutions.

ChainsGuard can provide services to monitor cryptocurrency-related activities, investigate the source and destination of suspicious transactions.

Web Site:

2. Summary

This KIP aims to provide a secure mobile wallet solution for OKExChain ecology.

3. Proposal

ChainsGuard is going to provide an open source, secure, and convenient cold wallet mobile application to solve the needs of OKExChain eco-users to make transfer transactions and contract calls on the mobile side. The wallet app use Beijing ChainsGuard security components to protect users’ assets.

4. Sources Code


6. Status