KIP-9: Newpool - The New Generation of Staking Pool

Author hbin(@newdex)
Status Draft
Type Standard Track
Category Staking
Created 2020-6-21


Staking is new generation mining method of pool, mainly for blockchains using POS or DPOS consensus mechanism. The holders of such blockchains can obtain income through staking on chain or staking via transferring coins.

Newpool is a decentralized Staking pool that uses the method of staking on chain to generate revenue for users, without transferring coins, “0” risk, flexible exit with more freedom, and creating millions of dollars in revenue for users every year.




In order to meet the needs of users of world’s major blockchains, Newpool will launch new mining modes such as mining by computing power, mining by voting and mining by locking, which is committed to providing users with decentralized Staking mining services with no coin transfer , transparency and experience good decentralized staking mining services.

1. No coin transfer

About Newpool Newpool is the new generation of staking pool. It is the world’s first decentralized mining pool with “no coin transfer”.

2. Decentralized

The first blockchain supported by Newpool is EOS, and Newpool now has become EOS BP and BOS super node. Newpool has deployed on TRON and IOST blockchains and will accelerate the deployment on mainstream POS blockchains such as COSMOS, TEZOS, POLKADOT, VSYS, etc.